E-Learning is a demanding and exciting area in which to work. Projects vary enormously in size and scope and often require a quick and efficient turn-around. At the Voiceteam we are well placed to help with all aspects of production. Our team can offer mult-lingual skills, advice on the devising of scripts as well as all as providing the narration and technical production.


We have worked for a wide range of companies providing E-Learning and promotional material, including UOB Banking group, Angl-American mining, Unilever, LG electronics and the UK Valuation Office.


Our readers are skilled in handling the often complex technical language and are equally at home with narrations that include accents or foreign language phrases or place names - especially French, German, Spanish and Italian.


As a small company we are well positioned to offer you a highly competitive price and a fast turn around for all your E-Learning projects  - large or small. Why not contact us now for a no-obligation price estimate.